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Construction Equipment Transport

yellow tractor on the field

Construction equipment hauling is a very essential aspect of the construction industry. Construction projects require several types of equipment for them to be completed efficiently and on time. But equipment such as excavators, bulldozers, and backhoes aren't things you just move from site to site. It takes the right level of expertise, experience as construction equipment haulers, our job is to handle the transportation of your heavy-duty construction equipment. We take a lot of weight off the shoulders of construction managers. We are always available at your service wherever you may need construction equipment hauling in Vienna, Virginia.


When you hire us, we will expertly handle the distribution and organization of shipments to boost the efficiency of your project. We make use of state of the art technology to give you excellent logistic service. Our investment in standard trackers and data tools enables us to deliver your machinery to the desired destination with speed and efficiency. Our logistic service will also guarantee your satisfaction and convenience. You will have full control over the scheduling of equipment deliveries and pickups. This means that your machinery will arrive or depart at times that suit your plans.


We have years of experience in the transportation of heavy-duty construction equipment. We are familiar with all the dos and don'ts of the business and you can be assured that we will transport your equipment safely.  Our employees have undergone adequate training in safe work practices so that your equipment will always be safe with us. Our employees follow all shipping laws to the letter. They also follow the load security standard and never exceed the weight limit. Your heavy-duty pieces of machinery are very expensive and a mishap can have serious consequences. So, we will handle them with all the care and caution in the world.

Save Time

As a project manager, you are tasked with the efficient management of resources, time especially. There is always a time frame for every project and the process of planning the transportation of several pieces of large equipment will be time-consuming. When you hire expert equipment haulers like us, you will be saving yourself a lot of valuable time. Leaving the task to professional haulers will give you the opportunity to dedicate your time and resources to other aspects of the project. Also, professional haulers will do a better job and in a shorter time too.


Hiring professional haulers for the transportation of your heavy-duty equipment will be much cheaper than doing it yourself eventually. We will be making both an expert driver and an appropriate hauling vehicle available at your service for a fixed price. You will be able to fit our fee into your budget easily. Renting a truck yourself and then hiring a driver will create two separate costs. Also, the process of getting all the necessary permits might be a struggle for you. For the single fee you will be paying us, we will handle the entire process for you.