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Equipment Hauling Service

transporting the yellow tractor

You will find the services of equipment haulers very valuable during the course of your large scale projects. A number of heavy or very delicate equipment will need to be transported to and from the site during the project. The transportation of heavy equipment has its unique risks and challenges, therefore it requires a reasonable level of specialization. Without specialized services, the safe and prompt transportation of highly expensive equipment cannot be guaranteed. We are the number one choice of project managers all over Vienna, VA for the transportation of all types of essential equipment.

Professional Service

One thing is always clear at the end of the day, nothing beats the services of a professional. We do not only know all about the equipment transport business, but we also have all the necessary tools and vehicles. Each piece of equipment is different from the other and they can't all be transported in the same way. We will always provide you with a truck suitable for the transportation of your cargo. Also, an overweight cargo will have to be transported via special routes. We transport them through the designated highways for the safety of everyone.


To transport the heavy equipment needed for your project yourself, you will need to obtain the necessary permits. Each state has its own system of granting permits. There are different types of health permits and the permits you will require depends on the type of cargo you will be transporting. Failing to obtain the necessary permits will lead to delays and in some cases, hefty fines. As a transport company, we have a deep knowledge of the system. We know all there is to know about transportation permits in Vienna, Virginia. With us, you would never have a problem with the authorities.

Special Equipment

Sometimes, there are extra pieces of equipment needed to guarantee the safety of a shipment. The need for these pieces of special equipment arises as a result of the cargo being out of proportion. These pieces of equipment include extendable trailers, detachable goosenecks, double drops, and more. While these pieces of equipment are very helpful, they are also very expensive. Purchasing them for the transportation of your equipment will cause a significant increase in your budget. They are also not cheap to maintain. When you hire us, we will provide all equipment necessary for the successful transportation of the shipment.

Escort Vehicles

The transportation of heavy equipment often requires the use of additional vehicles. These vehicles serve as escorts. They are placed ahead of and behind the shipment to give caveats to approaching vehicles. We can never be too safe and this is an excellent way to increase the safety of your cargo. If you were to this yourself, you would have to source for more drivers and vehicles. It will take up more of your money, time, and resources. At our company, we have these resources readily available. With us, you will get this service on demand.