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Medical Equipment Transport

medical equipment for eyes

The transportation of medical equipment and supplies is a job that requires a lot of care, expertise, and urgency. There is usually a lot at stake in medical equipment transportation as lives often depend on the success of each delivery. This means that you need the very best transport company in the city to transport your medical equipment. At Vienna Equipment Transport, we provide specialized freight services for your medical equipment. We transport all types of equipment including lasers, MRIs, CT scanners, ultrasound, and radiological equipment.  We have years’ worth of experience from rendering logistic services to pharmaceutical and medical establishments in Vienna, Virginia.


We will make the purchase of your medical equipment much easier for you. After you settle the payment of your new medical equipment, you will only have to call on us to bring your equipment to your facility. Gone will be the days when you had to bother about the process of transporting your new equipment. The purchase of state of the art equipment will take a significant chunk out of your budget. The process of transporting the equipment yourself will cause a further strain on your resources. You will find a lot of value in our pickup service.

Special Measures

There are pieces of medical equipment that require special transportation. We transport each medical cargo according to the transportation requirements of its content. We make use of a vehicle that is specially designed for both your specific needs and that of your medical equipment. We have invested in standard transport equipment such as hydraulic carts, fridge carts, stair crawlers, and 4 wheel dollys. These pieces of equipment further show our readiness to meet your specific needs. Also, at the point of delivery, we will also ensure that your medical equipment is offloaded as safely as possible.

Site Survey

Before delivering your medical equipment to your site, we will take a survey of your site to see the best way the delivery can be done. We will give you expert advice on how the project should be coordinated in order to guarantee its success. We will ensure that everything needed for the delivery is put in place before the equipment arrives. And even after your supplies arrive, our team will assist you in the process of installing your new equipment. In the case whereby you are moving equipment from one facility to another, we will help with the de-installation process too.

Emergency Delivery

The nature of the medical industry requires that every order is delivered promptly. But there are also some situations in which orders have to be delivered with total urgency. There will be very little time to make all the necessary plans for the transportation of the order. In such a situation, a phone call to a medical equipment transport company like us will save you a lot of time. It is a day-to-day activity for us and so, we are always ready to serve. We will streamline the process for you and deliver the equipment on time.